Meet Us

Meet ShamleyTitusPhotography

Who is ShamleyTitusPhotography

ShamleyTitusPhotography is an avid amatuer Photography business that is operated by a father and daughter duo operating within the Garden Route Area, with main operations based in Knysna.

We are hobbyist photographers that has learnt the art of photography and is in the process of providing a photographer service. Photography types provided are: Wedding, Portrait, Event as well as Landscape Photography, with a big focus on the weddings, matric dances, birthdays and other events.

Shamley Titus (father) has been involved with photography since as early as 2007 during my days with the Knysna Local Football Association where photographs were captured of teh soccer tournaments and soccer events for usage by the LFA, these were captured with a small Sony Pocket digital camera, until a DSLR was bought in early 2010 during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Since owning a DSLR photography was taken up more seriously and photographs and events were being captured for free for friends and families. Since 2014 after moving to Mosselbay and capturing a matric dance, ShamleyTitusPhotography has grown tremendously and a lot mroe effort was put into learning the art of photography, as well as understanding all the various terms and phrases including techniques coupled with getting to know more about the various pieces of gear that improves the work of a photographer.

Shamoneeque Titus (daugther) became involved by always picking up one of the cameras in teh kit and she started to teach herself on the usage thereof. Soon she was much more interested and dad had to give her lessons on what to look out for and how to operate the camera. within a few months of going to events , the photography interests has grown tremendously by Shamoneeque, and I had to give her her own camera kit to learn. She started off with a Sony A100 Kit that had all the basic lenses and flashes to start off with. (see some of her work here

Our Gear

Presently we own the following photographic Gear.