Our Gear

ShamleyTitusPhotography owns various pieces of gear that is being utilized throughout its actitivites.

Hereunder find a list of the most frequently used gear. The gear in our arsenal is not the most recent releases, but they prove to still get the works done. We are not Brand Specific as we believe that the best Camera is the one that you have in your kit; what matters most, you need to know how to properly operate the camera to achieve your ultimate objective in conjunction with other pieces of gear. (More Gear to be added)

DSLR Bodies


Stands, Light Stands, Tripods & Accessories

Lighting & Light Modifying Equipment

Protective Storage & Media

  • SD Cards (Various Sizes)
  • CF Cards (Various Sizes)
  • 2 x WorksMan Hard Cases
  • More to be listed as Added to collection